We proudly supply our customers, public, private, and commercial, an array of water treatment chemicals, over the past several decades around the clock. Our customer base includes but is not limited to:

City Water Departments

Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants



Commercial Laundromats

Textiles Companies


Apartment Complexes

Private Swimming Pools

A Supplier to Other Chemical

We are a distributor of a water treatment chemicals dedicated to providing first rate service, reliability, and availability. As suppliers of both public and private entities, we strive to provide a service that is economical and professional to our customers. Our warehouse contains ready to be delivered chemicals, in aqueous solutions and solids, for quick loading and delivery! Universal Chemicals, Inc. aims to keep up with the latest in water treatment and pool maintenance to provide its customers

with top quality products.

About Us



We maintain a 25,000-square foot warehouse and office facility in Kearny, NJ. Utilizing a fleet of company owned vehicles, we are prepared for immediate shipments, small or large, and emergency deliveries.

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